Where to Buy Stamps Guide – Places & Locations that sells stamps

Locating the best possible places to buy stamps near you can be a life saver if you find yourself in a completely new environment and wishes to write a postcard to a friend, but don’t know where to buy stamps.

locations and places to buy stamps US and UK
Where can i buy stamps? locations and places places to buy stamps near you

However, if it is in a place like the United States of America, the options to buy stamps are a lot easier. although the most obvious place to buy postage stamps is the post offices, there are so many other places and retailers who sells stamps outside the post office.

Reviewed List of the Best Places to Buy Stamps Near You

If you need to buy stamps online, places like Amazon and the US postal service website sells stamps, also Pharmacies such as Walmart, Rite aid and Cvs also carry stamps for sale. Furthermore you can also get stamps from Reputable banks, target stores and the united states postal service.

Here then is a reviewed list of places where you can buy stamps in the USA:

1. USPS Local or USPS Online

Obviously, the most recognised place to get stamps or postage utilities for your mailing and postcards is the post office. The USPS United States postal service has been a long existing platform since 1995 and a major seller of postage stamps. A majority of other locations even buy stamps from the post office and then resell. You can also buy stamps online from the USPS website.

2. Amazon Online Retailer

If convenience, comfort and flexibility to choose from a variety of options and explore so many stamps design appeals to you, then the best place, where you can buy stamps is a trusted online retailer such as Amazon. As we all know, Amazon has a whole lot of products in its catalog, and postage stamps is not left out. While online platforms usually ships withing 1- 2 business days, it may not be a great choice for those in a hurry.

3. Walmart and Other Grocery Store Chains

Most major town and cities has a walmart store as well as other groceries chain store, and yes, a handful of them sells stamps. You can buy stamps from your favorite grocery store and Walmart’s near you. The good thing about buying stamps from walmart and other major grocery store is: they are always open.

If you also need other postage material for your mailing such as: writing paper, an envelope and maybe some wrapping paper, you are guaranteed to find them here. Many of the available chain stores today now stock stamps as a part of their customers satisfaction.

Stores Like Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, RiteAid to Bartell Drugs, Wegmans, Krogers, and Winco. Most of these stores do not sell single stamps (they sell by the booklet) i.e. 20 stamps. Overall, since most of these stores are located within a walking distance to wherever you may live in the US, are therefore considered a convenient means of buying stamps near you.

4. Staples

For frequent visitors and shoppers, this might not be coming as a surprise, but for those who do not know, a majority of office retail suppliers and stationery stores sell stamps. This is also the case for the larger chain stores like Staples.

Like most major chain stores and groceries, you also have the option and choice of purchasing any other related items like envelops, printers, pens, pencils and other stamp collecting supplies. Also, you can pick out other school and office supplies. as well.

5. A Book shop or office supply store

A book store or office supply store that does not sell stamps, is that one a real store? Funny question right? Its the truth. Where else can you get stamps near you if it is not in the bookshop or the nearest staples and office supplies stores near you. Most bookshops and office stores alike sells postage stamps and other mailing supplies.

Talking about office supplies stores.
Even though this development is a late entry to this industry, quiet a number of office retail suppliers now sells stamps. This only makes sense if you consider the fact that they have been selling materials for mailing out things for a good number of years now. You can try Office Depot, Staples and Office Max for a start.

Office Depot has about 2,000 outlets across the United States and they carry stamps.

6. Banks and ATM Centers

Ain’t banks supposed to be a place for financial transactions? Same question we are all asking and believe me, I am as confused as you are right now. But as we all know, the only constant thing in life is change. The new trend now in the money industry is adding other valuable services and things money can buy. This only makes sense considering the fact that they all want to make more money while offering services.

A drawback to buying stamps from the banks is: they are not always open (Automated teller machines) on the other hand is open 24/7. You can buy stamps from any of the major banks near you today. Our recommended banks where you can buy stamps are TD banks or Bank Of America. Most of the ATMs that sells postage stamps can be found in the west coast.

So, if you live on the West Coast, there are automated teller machines who sells stamps, especially Wells Fargo. You can even buy single stamps there.

7. UPS Stores

Almost all UPS stores sells stamps. Either by a book of 20 or individual stamps, and to make it much easier, they offer you the opportunity of buying an already stamped envelop. Moreover, when choosing the option to buy stamps from a UPs store, make sure it is not a package center. Package centers are usually reserved for sorting and placing mailing orders handled by corporate accounts.

If you are going to locate a UPS store where you can buy postage stamps and mailing supplies, then make sure its a small – medium sized store which offers postage stamps to the general public. Also in a UPS store are other mailing and packaging supplies as well as a courier service to help you deliver your mail or postcards.

A great benefit of using a UPS store is the option to have your mail delivered general delivery, which is only makes sense if you are on an extended vacation and needs a temporary delivery address for important mails and postcards.

8. Make a Phone Call

You can put a call across to the United States Postal Service at 1-800-782-6724 any day of the week. State the type of stamps you need as well as the amount and quantity you need. Provide your credit card information and your address. Calmly wait for your stamps to arrive at your doorstep.

Please note that while going with this option, outside the cost of your stamps, you will be charged an additional small handling fee.

With the above guide, issues arising from where can I buy stamps and other postage mailing supplies gets much more easier. Also, if you want to buy an international stamps, single or a forever postage stamps, you will still be able to get them from each stores listed above showing you places where to buy stamps.

Although today in our modern world, we now have electric mail and other online means to send and receive messages, postage stamps are still actively alive because, they are part of Americans great history.

Even with the presence of digital communication (which have reduced the demand for postage stamps as compared to the older days where it was the only solution for sending mails), many people still search for where can i buy stamps (22000), who sells stamps, where to buy postage stamps (2900), and where to buy stamps near me (33000) respectively. Hence, we have put together this guide on where you can buy stamps and postage for mailings.

A Google Map to help you further locate places where you can buy stamps near you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Postage Stamps

Below are some likely questions with regards to postage stamps buying.

Where can I buy stamps from home?

If where to buy stamps from the comfort of your home is what you seek, the best option will be to just turn to the internet, as you can always buy stamps from online retailers like amazon or directly from the USPS website. Today, it is even much more easier with the rise of smart home devices like siri, and amazon echo, all you have to do is just say the word and that’s it. Over the years, the question of where can i buy stamps from my home has gotten a lot easier with the advent of internet technology.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Stamps in 2018?

Although different stamps design comes with different price tag, the average stamp cost for Domestic Mailing ranges from $0.30 to $0.90. Each additional ounce may cost $0.21 extra. If domestic Shipping, envelops and packages are included, the price may go as high as over $20.

Does Target Sell Stamps?

Yes, Target does sell stamps, but the availability of stamps in a target store is limited since not all target stores sells stamps. To know if the target store near you sells stamps, it is first recommended to contact the store and ask for the stamps and its availability before visiting the desired Target store.

In Conclusion.
Postage Stamps are still very much in use today and can not be overlooked as the uses are numerous and very important. Whether you are on a vacation or just relocated to a new environment or country, we hope you will be able to locate where to buy stamps near you for your postage and mailing activities.

Overall, There are more than 48,000 locations where you can buy stamps across the United States with those who sells stamps. You can visit any of the places listed above to get the stamps.